Bob is scared of no one but Mike. However, there are things of the world that affect him. For example, he’s drawn to adrenaline activities and will push his host to do things for the sake of danger. He’s also drawn to certain types of music, like the music that Leland would play when he killed Maddy and drugged Sarah Palmer. Bob is also scared or “disabled” somehow by a certain ring that Teresa Banks once wore.



In ancient Hebrew there was no space between words, nor chapters in scrolls, nor vowels, nor punctuation of any kind…one had to learn to “correctly divide The Word of God” as they used to teach, it had to be parsed carefully to distinguish the actual intended meanings based on specific contexts, as well as the additional meanings of words and sentences overlapping others, all of which were potentially valid and some of which were very intentionally valid even within the same very specific overlapping contexts. All non-Hebrew “translations” therefore lack some of the additional Hebrew.



In my analysis, I want to propose something radically different—Mulholland follows Lost Highway as a similar story of Hollywood dark side, but with a new twist, revealing actual occult brainwashing techniques. Not only that, Lynch’s film will make “twilight language” references to a host of esoteric subjects, including the Manson murders and the CIA’s MKULTRA mind control programs.



I will try to show you how the ”map” to the Black Lodge from season 2 is full of alchemical symbolism that can be interpreted in a very relevant way to the series. By doing this, it will hopefully become clear that alchemy isn’t something I took out of the blue. Alchemy is in fact rooted deeply in the Twin Peaks mythos.

What follows is my own drawing of this map with numbers. I’ll explain the alchemic meanings of, not all, but the most important symbols—and how I personally connect them to Twin Peaks. Please indulge yourself in my interpretation, but keep in mind this is what it is—my interpretation.

Alchemy in Twin Peaks


The ending is in fact of the happy variety: Cooper wins. Having said that, the way the events are depicted works like a puzzle with its pieces all out of place. Using a little bit of that intuition Agent Cooper so often employs allows the viewer to lock the pieces in place. A rearranging of the events of final two episodes gives the viewer a more satisfyingly optimistic conclusion, albeit one that does not resolve in the traditional way of most television. It requires some work on the part of the audience—not a strange concept in avant-garde art—to properly formulate.

The Sync.png


Jack Parsons was a rocket scientist who was part of occultist Aleister Crowley’s Thelema religion. And Devil’s Gate, a rock formation in Pasadena believed by some to be a portal to Hell, was allegedly the location of a ritual he performed to summon a demon. This is one of many examples of how Mark Frost cleverly weaves the show’s mythology into obscure real-world history in The Secret History of Twin Peaks.

Dougie Milford was investigating Parsons, and visited the rock. He was overcome with an “animalistic fear” of the same kind he felt when visiting Glastonbury Grove in Twin Peaks, which we know is an entrance to the Black Lodge. Parsons “danced too close to the flames” and “summoned a fire demon”, which sounds a lot like BOB. And the fact that his ritualcontains the line “The magician longs to see” is a direct link to the Fire Walk With Me poem heard several times in Twin Peaks.

This seems to confirm that Glastonbury Grove, the strange formation of sycamore trees around a pool of black oil in the woods around Twin Peaks, is not the only entrance to the Black Lodge. There may be others.

Jack Parsons


But very few people are aware of Marvel Whiteside Parsons (aka Jack Parsons), co-founder of Jet Propulsion Laboratories. Parsons made major contributions to rocket development, particularly in the area of solid fuel propellant. The solid motors on the Space Shuttle and the motors in the Minuteman missile were based on the solid propellant technology that he invented. He was a founding member of Aerojet Corporation, and he even has a crater on the dark side of the moon named after him. So why isn’t he as celebrated as the other founding fathers of spaceflight? And what was that about the occult?



At this point we’re still not sure whether Bill Pullman has really and truly metamorphosized into Balthazar Getty or whether this whole turning-into Balthazar-Getty thing is taking place in BillPullman’s head… But the evidence for literal metamorphosis mounts in themovie’s second act, because Balthazar Getty has a fully valid life and his-tory, including a girlfriend who keeps looking suspiciously at Balthazar Getty’s hellacious forehead-carbuncle and saying he “doesn’t seem himself”, which with repetition stops being an arch pun and becomes genuinely frightening.

Lost Highway 1


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